An easier to do, and easier to read, watermark tee! Third times the charm! 

My friends and I were relentlessly trying to create a watermark tee but we ran into the problem that no stores that we came across sold blue gel glue. At first we used a pink dye, clear Elmer’s glue and a white t-shirt. We got the shirt wet and rung it out, slipped it over a storage tub lid, wrote our words on it but they all looked to blend together. We waited for it to dry and we also used a hair dryer to speed the process up. Next we prepared the dye (we used the only clothing dye from Wal Mart; a tulip fabric dye) we then soaked the shirt in the dye and did what the package said to do: Stir the shirt for 15 minutes straight, let it soak for 45. The result? All we got was a pink t shirt. 


We used a blue dye, a Elmer’s clear gel glue pen from the craft section, and white shirts. We did the same thing as above but the glue only lasted for a shirt and a half so if you’re looking to make more this glue showed promising results but buy more than one. We then made a run and bought ELMER’S Glue-All Multipurpose glue. This is a non washable glue that is sold right by the normal glue. It’s a white glue so we were skeptical if it would work. We wet the shirts, rung them out, slipped them over the lid, and wrote. Again they all ran together. This time though we went to bed and let it dry by its self. This gave little results on the gel glue, and semi promising with the Glue-All. We dyed the shirts and rinsed them right away, with water AND soap then dried them in the dryer. This made all results fail, basically. 

They say the third time is a charm though so we tried again. 

This time it worked. 

We decided that we wanted to try something new so we didn’t wet the tshirt at all. We used the Glue-All hoping it would work on the dry fabric.

My friend wrote her quote on the fabric, still over a lid as the glue seeps through. 

We waited for it to dry, this only took 20 minutes or so. 

We then soaked it in the yellow dye for 20 minutes. 

After pulling it out we rung out the dye soaked shirt and let it dry before rinsing out the dye. This I think made the color more noticeable since the dye soaked in. 

It ended up looking like we had a bunch of glue flakes all over, scrub these off with a sponge or by rubbing two sides of the shirt together when rinsing. 

First we rinsed all of the dye out, then we washed it in cool soapy water. 

Make sure to get all of the flakes off

Put it in the dryer 

And you have a finished product. 

Two shirts, dye, and glue costs all under $15 at walmart. 

Took 2 hours at most.